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What makes a good night fragrance?

What defines a daytime and en evening fragrance? How can we take a subtle, light daytime fragrance and simply tweak it for head-turning evening accessory?

Hello @ines,

Usually daytime fragrances are more fresh, light and subtle while evening scents are much more bold, intense and seductive! We regularly have Instagram Lives and Youtubes Masterclasses on topics such as this one, so I encourage you to follow us on social media for a lot of tips and tricks!

That said, it is entirely possible to tweak and obtain a Night version of your favorite daytime scent! You could for exemples add more woods to make it more sensual, or add a bit of our seductive Oriental Vanilla, or give it a provocative tempting side with our Sensual Leather

It is all up to you and the effect you wish to achieve! the creation possibilities are endless.