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What are your favourite summer scents?

I want to buy some new scents and was wondering what you recommend me for this summer? I already have juicy citrus, relaxing aromatic, blooming floral, creamy wood and marine breeze, soft musk and floral jasmine. Any recommendation to add to my library?

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I discovered red fruits and for me is a must for most of my summer fragrances providing an interesting and funny touch of red fruits to any scent


Thanks! I am not sure if for me is a good choice as for me is overly sweet and I prefer wearing something more fresh for summer! But thanks for the recommendation :slight_smile:


I love Cut Green Citrus! Very fresh!

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We all have our favorites :wink:
The Citrus notes are usually a good bet when it comes to bringing a certain coolness to your composition.
I would also recommend taking a sniff at the Fresh Wood base: it is a delightful vetiver with woody, spicy and zesty facets. This one is interesting because it has a very long lasting freshness.

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@popita if you have already Juicy Citrus, you may also like green citrus, especially for summer.
It gives a fresh aspect but also a really soft aspect with the green tea note inside.
This is my favorite one for summer !

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Green Citrus is the Best fragrance for me ! There are orange blossom floral, fresh wood and marine breeze too !! I love them !!!