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What are your favorite ways to enjoy perfume scents and relax?

Hi all,
Apart from dabbing some perfume on your neck and wrists, do you have any favorite ways to enjoy perfume scents and to relax? I guess you could put the scent in some type of home distiller and waft the scent through your rooms. Any other ways to indulge in olfactory enjoyment?
Look forward to hearing from you.

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Sometimes I just spray to the air, it leaves a nice scent in the room for a while :grin:


I put one of my perfumes in my mask every day to make my day more positive. I also like to put a little of perfume in my pillow. I love smells!

Hello Greengrass, interesting question !
Well, today there are a lot of ways to perfume interiors , as home fragrances also became a common use of enjoying perfume (reed diffusers, candles, sprays…)

We know a very original, yet simple, way to enjoy and even rediscover fragrances.
Just spray it on a paper blotter, and leave it somewhere in your living room or just near your bed.
You will surely smell it in a different spirit !
Enjoy !