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Loyalty program

When does the loyalty program start and how do you know how many points you have?

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Hi there! The Loyalty program has started yesterday, and of course you can have access to all the information from « My Atelier » just below the « Edit profile » section, by clicking on the button which will indicate your level!

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Bit frustrating this has come in now as have spent way over €1000 euros so far. will previous purchases be included in the loyalty programme?

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Hi there! Yes of course, we will take into account your previous purchases. You can check your status in the « My Alchemist » section. You will have all the details by clicking on the name of your level « Amateur Alchemist »!
The points are earned by often blending, publishing formulas, rating other alchemist’s formulas, and completing all your profile info on the App!

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Hi, in my profile, none of my purchases contributed any loyalty points except for the blended formulas. :confused:

Good morning Nichole!

Thank you much for your message. The more cartridges you have the more possibilities you have to create perfumes. Our loyalty program is based on perfume creation, not on products purchased. This means that you will earn the points once you create perfumes with the cartridges you have purchased.

Also, take into account that blending perfumes is one of the different ways to earn points! You will also obtain points by rating other users formulas, completing your profile’s page, or sharing formulas…

I share with you all the options you have to earn points: Loyalty Plan

Have a nice day!