The Alchemist Atelier

Fragrance and look

Do you normally match your look with your fragrance?

Absolutely! I have different fragrances and depending the occasion or outfit I choose I feel like wearing a different one.

Yes indeed! I have fragrances that match better to night outfits and others for day time outfits, even ones I only use during the weekdays and others for the weekend… I am a freak! but my fragrance determines my day


For me, the fragrance is the last touch of your outfit ! Christian Dior said that in 1947 and it is still true !
I love to imagine that something invisible as fragrance can determine so much the perception people will have about you.
So As I love Fashion, I have multiple fragrances to match the look of the day I have.
Casual, preppy or business and even a different one during the night also like you @camiliafernanda !