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Finding inspiration

Hello dear community!
I have been seeing some amazing creations on the platform and I wanted to start a discussion on what are your ways to find inspiration for new perfumes and in general empower this creative process?

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For me fragrance is reliving memories. So I take inspiration from the scents that remind me of places and people and try and re create the scent that evokes the memory.

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Hello! I find my inspiration in my mood of the day, anything that comes to my mind on that moment.
Normally it’s not plan, is what I feel in that moment and I have to say the result is always good!

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Thank you for sharing!

Hello, everyone, thanks for opening this conversation !

Finding inspiration is often seen as something relatively passive, such as walking in a street or looking through a window. But it can actually be done in a proactive way, when we voluntarily put ourselves in a position to create new ideas.

Just like artists, a perfumer will typically find new ideas while opening his mind to new people, readings… in a nutshell inviting new material into his sphere.

However, you can’t really create by being constantly « invaded » by external stuff. So at one point, one could lock an idea and step away from the noise. The best example to illustrate this idea is that perfumers usually write their formulas away from the lab, just by being alone with their notebook.

Obviously, everyone has to find his own style of inspiration-seeking , but we think that balance between external and internal creativity is a good advice.

Enjoy and keep on sharing your experiences !