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Discovery kit essential

I was lucky enough to be gifted the scent creator and some cartridges for Christmas. I’ve been loving every second of creating however I was struggling with not knowing the scents or potential quantities to use in a blend. I didn’t think I was going to buy the discovery kit as I’d rather invest in more cartridges but I ended up changing my mind and if you haven’t already got it, I cannot recommend it strongly enough!! It has made a huge difference in being able to plan my blends. I’m also not a big floral or sweet aroma fan but I was surprised by how they change once they’ve settled. I would now think of using hints of these to add complexity. Anyway, I wanted to let you fellow alchemists know that if your on the fence on this one, in my opinion, the discovery kit is an essential master tool.


I have to agree - I use the discovery set when I have made a fragrance and it feels like it is missing something or when I am blending a formula and want to see what will work together.


You DEFINITELY need the discovery kit - especially if you plan on making scents for family or friends. Whilst you think you know what sort of scent families they may like, I have found their choices often surprised me. FYI if you do not already know, all accords and bases have been designed to go together, so you can’t make a ‘wrong’ perfume- you can only make a ‘wrong for you’ perfume.

Also, a little secret - your scent likes / dislikes changes over your monthly cycle if you are a female, so if you find an accord or base that you are just a little borderline about, come back to it at various points in your cycle - you may be surprised!

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Good morning!

We absolutely agree that the Discovery Kit brings the process of perfume creation to another level. Smelling the scents individually definitely enhances the creative process in perfume creation and helps you identify ingredients that sometimes, surprisingly, you love or hate.

I also think that @amechat brought a fascinating topic to the table! Hormones such as estrogen have a potent influence on smell. It is also quite often that during pregnancy, we experience some odours in a totally different way! Suddenly a perfume you loved does not bring you the same level of joy.

Having the possibility to wear a different fragrance every day and adjust ingredients and proportions is a great way to adapt your perfume to your perceptions and preferences anytime!

Have a nice day!

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One huge thing you discovered like me is that these creations “settle”

My issue with the creator app is as far as I can tell if I blend a scent it saves. If I adjust this scent it also adjusts the previous scent created. All scents should be saved as they were originally made.

Quite a few times I’ve made a creation, adjusted it the same day and 48hrs later the original (that i no longer have the recipe for) smells amazing. I’ve lost so many great creations by adjusting them too soon and it letting them develop in the bottle at least 12 hrs.


Good morning Martin,

Thank you so much for your message! Perfume creation is trial and error and often intuition is the best way to find the perfect fragrance for you. It happens to many of us that after so many trials we come back to the original fragrance!

For these cases, there is a very useful feature on the app that I recommend you to use. If you click on the three little dots next to the name of your formula, you have the possibility to edit scents (in that case you will change the original formula) or you can duplicate it. If you choose the second option you will be able to adjust the ingredients while keeping the original formula :slight_smile:

I hope you find this feature useful!

Have a nice day!

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That’s so interesting! Thank you for sharing. I had noticed my opinions on scents change, but I had not been able to find a cause yet. I’m going to see if I can match it to my cycle.

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