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Cartridges duration

How long do the ingredient cartridges last?

I asked the same in their Atelier, and as any fragrance…3 years at least, more than that you can still use them if the smell still ok

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Hello @ines ,
Like @hugolasala said, the cartridges if left unused of course, will last for at least 3 years as they are opaque and completely air sealed. You can make them last even longer if you store them away from heat, light and humidity.
If you are wondering about when you do use them, one cartridge contains 20 ml or about 200 drops. How long it will last will depend on different factors:
-the dosage: how much of the ingredient did you use for your composition? if one ingredient is dosed 50% it will be empty sooner than if you only dose it 10% for exemple.
-the amount of fragrance you produce: if your ingredient is still dosed at 50% and you blend a 20 ml, you will use half of the cartridge, if you only blend a 5ml it will be about a tenth of the cartridge.
-how often you use the ingredients: is this ingredient present in just one of your formulas or do you use it in a lot of them?
I hope this answer your question, do not hesitate if you have any other queries!