The Alchemist Atelier

Atelier App duplicates

Love the app but on my iPhone it duplicates every draft or blend I do which is kind of fine now but will be really messy is 12 months time when I’ve mixed 200 blends but have 400 in the app, does anyone else have this problem?

Hi Martin! Do you click on « duplicate and edit » each time you create a fragrance? If you don’t want to save the draft and change the formula directly you should press « edit » directly!

Hi Alchemist,

I’m not duplicating them, if you look at Ruby’s Spray

2021 on the list of blended it shows 3 times with the exact same title and time stamp, sometimes when creating a fragrance it shows just one like it should but quite often it shows 2 listings and sometimes like Ruby it shows 3, if I click on edit and delete one of them then they will all disappear.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for letting us know! What you are seeing are not duplicates per-se but different entries in the Blended collection. Every time you blend a frangrance an entry is added to that collection so that you have an archive of every blend you did and when you did it. What’s not ok are the dates, it should display the date of the blend, not the date of the creation of the formula. If you see the creation date of the formula, it does indeed seem like it’s the same entry being duplicated. We’re going to fix that bug in the next app release in about a week or so, we’ll let you know when we release it.

If you go to “My Atelier” section there you have all your formulas and you should not see any duplicates.

Thanks again for the report!