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7 cartridges max?

The assistant will only create formulas for blends of up to 7 cartridges max, is this recommended maximum number of cartridges to use for a creation? And is there a recommended min/max split between base & accord?


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Thanks for your message! Just like cooking or dressing with the Scent Creator, you can combine as many scents as you want (well, technically, a maximum of 12 scents).

However, our perfume experts recommend not to throw everything in! Generally, we recommend selecting one or two bases and up to four accords to create a balanced, complex fragrance where all your ingredients still get their chance to shine.

For this reason, the assistant will always recommend a combination of a maximum of 6-7 scents. However, perfume making is an art, and we don’t like to put too many limitations on it. If you feel that your formula needs more than seven scents, go for it! If it is the case, I might recommend using a higher proportion of accords than bases. In that way, you will still be able to identify the predominant ingredients of each scent.

I share with you a link with more tips about how to combine your scents: The secrets of master perfumery revealed!

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Love this answer! Super helpful, thank you. I will definitely check out the link.

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